Neuro Linguistic  Programming is an effective method to study how the brain works, to become aware of the processes of thinking, feeling, learning, motivating ourselves, making choices, communicating and interacting with others, and to achieve realistic goals. NLP gives us powerful tools to change ourselves to be what we want. It teaches us the “Know How” of changing our negative thinking, harmful habits, limiting beliefs and unhelpful attitudes. It empowers us to have the right choices that make us successful and excellent in our life and work.

It will help us to improve our relationships, to do our work efficiently, to become confident, to become slim and to be happy wherever we are.

It is a tool to enhance our living in every way, including our spirituality. We can very well deepen our personal relationship with God, increase our passion for the poor, learn to pray better, and to remove the unhealthy religious beliefs and habits which bring fear, anxiety and guilt.

You are welcome to attend and benefit in your life!

Venue: Satyodayam (Jesuit Retreat Centre), 12-5-33, Vijaypuri Colony, Secunderabad 500 017, Telengana State.

The Age Limit of the participants: No age limit

Maximum Number of Participants: 15

Dates: 2nd September – 6th September 2019 (5 full days). Arrival on the previous day evening.

Fees: Indian Rs.3,000/- including board, lodging and the tuition fees.

 Admission Policy: First come first served.

Contact: Mobile & WhatsApp: 09133255690.

Email IDs: (personal)

Your Brother at your service, Fr. M. Kulandai Raj Sj, Programme Director

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