(A Certificate Course at Satyodayam – Jesuit Retreat Centre, Secunderabad)

The Emotional Quotient of our students, youth and even elders is quite weak to cope up with life events especially when they are unpleasant. Regularly we read in the news papers about people attempting to commit or committing suicide for very flimsy reasons. Quite often the members in the family/religious community/institutions are incapable or unable to create an atmosphere where one can share his/her pains and struggles. For good number of us, the home/community itself is the problem.

The emotional problems affect the person’s work, relationship, discipline, and the general behaviour causing unrest within self and with others. This is more true of students.

A counsellor is a person who accompanies another in his/her joys and struggles. Each Institution needs people who have a heart for others and who are available to the emotional needs of the others and lead them to healing and growth. Along with the heart, some counselling skills will be a great help; and so this course is handy.

This course is to equip the counsellor. There will be theoretical inputs with practice at every stage to make the skills become the second nature of the counsellor.  During the practice sessions, the participants will counsel one another bringing their real issues: learning by doing. The course is intense.

This course is focused mainly for student counsellors and to anyone who desires to help others (lay or religious/ priests/ seminarians/ sisters…etc.) in their emotional issues. Today our formees come with a lot of emotional baggage and this course will be very helpful to the formators.

In the final analysis all problems can be zeroed down to the problem of incapacity to handle one’s emotions that the unpleasant events bring. So the participants will be helped to go to the root cause of the problems and also to tap the inner hidden strength and potentials of the client so that the client will be able to sort out the issues and deal with them for healing and growth.

Satyodayam (Jesuit Retreat Centre) is conducting this course with the collaboration of the Psychology Department of LOYOLA ACADEMY (Autonomous PG and Degree College, Osmania University), Alwal, Secunderabad. A Certificate will be issued from LOYOLA ACADEMY at the end of the course.

You are welcome!

Venue: Satyodayam (Jesuit Retreat Centre), 12-5-33, Vijaypuri Colony, Secunderabad 500 017, Telengana State.

The Age Limit of the participants: 25 – 60

Maximum Number of Participants: 15

Dates: 19th August – 30th August 2019 (11 full days)

Fees: Indian Rs. 6,600/- including board, lodging and the tuition fees.

Participants: Anyone who is a counsellor or plan to be one is eligible. A person who has done some psychological courses will benefit better but it is not a must.

Admission Policy: First come first served.

Contact: Mobile & WhatsApp: 09133255690.

Email IDs: (personal)

Your Brother at your service, Fr. M. Kulandai Raj Sj, Programme Director

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