Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

On the occasion of the Province Assembly, we, the Jesuits of Andhra Province assembled at Loyola Academy, Secunderabad from 24th to 26th April 2009, renew our Vision Statement of 1996 in the light of GC 35 which affirms that “globalization, technology, and environmental concerns have challenged our traditional boundaries and have enhanced our awareness that we bear a common responsibility for the welfare of the entire world and its development in a sustainable and life-giving way” (GC35, D.2:20).


While being grateful to the Lord of history for the service we have been able to render to our people of Andhra Pradesh, we are, at the same time, conscious of the exploitation of our Mother Earth, the ill-effects of globalization, fundamentalism, communalism, the impact of economic recession, and the influence of mass media that perpetuate ecological imbalances, and the dehumanizing conditions of the marginalized such as the dalits, tribals, women, non-literates, unorganized youth and labourers, small farmers, etc. The State as well as the Church of Andhra Pradesh is made up mostly of these disadvantaged groups whose interests and needs have often been ignored and systematically suppressed by the existing unjust societal structures of which we too have been a part.


Together with the marginalized towards humanization that promotes and sustains right relationship with God, others, and nature.


Being inspired ‘to be a fire that kindles other fires’ and ‘being sent to the frontiers’ , we pledge to live as reconciled and united friends in the Lord with renewed vigour and zeal. We strive prophetically for justice rooted in truth and love for the socially, culturally, economically, and politically powerless groups. We vow to adapt our lifestyle in consonance with the gospel values and Ignatian discernment to usher in a reconciled society. We resolve to engage ourselves with the spirit of magis in scientific and in-depth study and research of environment, globalization, communalism, casteism, and other societal evils. We commit ourselves to foster an awareness of the ecological issues, taking up relevant programmes to preserve and conserve nature, and also undertake media education in our institutions. We shall endeavour to inculturate ourselves by exploring and imbibing the empowering potentials of our culture in the process of evangelising it and we shall work towards inter-religious and intercultural collaboration and lay leadership in Andhra Pradesh. We resolve, in collaboration with the clergy, religious, laity, and peoples ‘ movements, to make all our ministries relevant, liberative, and wel-designed to empower the marginalized, thus becoming co-agents of societal and environmental transformation.