It is an interior journey in TOTAL SILENCE, through one’s autobiographical events, leading to facing oneself honestly in the form of confidential writing. It helps one to integrate the undigested events of one’s life, leading to healing and wellbeing through the simple pedagogy of the “Intensive Journal Process”. This will also help the Spiritual Director, Counsellor and Formator to learn the simple techniques of helping the formees in their journey of life.

Note: A separate Note Book will be supplied for this Purpose.

Venue: Satyodayam (Jesuit Retreat Centre), 12-5-33, Vijaypuri Colony, Secunderabad 500 017, Telengana State.

The Age Limit of the participants: No age limit

Maximum Number of Participants: 15

Dates: 22nd July – 26th July 2019 (5 full days). Arrival on the previous day evening.

Fees: Indian Rs.3,000/- including board, lodging and the tuition fees.

Admission Policy: First come first served.

Contact: Mobile & WhatsApp: 09133255690.

Email IDs: (personal)

Your Brother at your service, Fr. M. Kulandai Raj Sj, Programme Director

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