We are sexual beings whether we are single, married or celibate. Sexuality is part and parcel of our life till the end of our life. We have to live our sexuality without negating or suppressing it. Sexuality is not just ‘sex’ though it includes it.

We have received a lot of negative messages from childhood from our family, culture and religion about sex and they influence our attitude to it and we live a lot of unhealthy fear and guilt. .

Normally we have chosen priesthood, brotherhood or sisterhood but most of us have not chosen celibacy consciously. This reality causes its own problems.

The course will deal with different aspects of sexuality in a scientific way. In the process there will be a lot of sharing which will make us more comfortable with our own sexual reality. The course will also deal with methods of healing our past experiences and ways of dealing with our sexual thoughts, fantasies, urges,  longings and behaviours.  It will also deal with the topics of friendship, celibacy and our religious vows.

You are welcome to attend and benefit to become a healthy and integrated sexual human person.

Venue: Satyodayam (Jesuit Retreat Centre), 12-5-33, Vijaypuri Colony, Secunderabad 500 017, Telengana State.

The Age Limit of the participants: No age limit

Maximum Number of Participants: 15

Dates: 15th July – 18th July 2019 (4 full days). Arrival on the previous day evening.

Fees: Indian Rs.2,400/- including board, lodging and the tuition fees.

 Admission Policy: First come first served.

Contact: Mobile & WhatsApp: 09133255690.

Email IDs: (personal)

Your Brother at your service, Fr. M. Kulandai Raj Sj, Programme Director

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