Our Indian Tradition has been dealing with an integrated approach of the body, mind and spirit with regard to healing and wholeness of oneself. This approach is dynamic and transformative. This course on Body dynamics and Yogic Healing will take such an approach. Yoga Nidhra, Kriya Breathing and other Breathing Exercises will help one to be relieved of all stress-related diseases and strengthen one’s internal organs.

Practice of different Meditations both in the Eastern/ Indian traditions will be taught and they are very therapeutic. The course contains sufficient inputs and lot of practical sessions. It is meant for those who seek in-depth healing. People interested in self growth, counselling and helping profession will benefit a lot.

The course is open to all people: Priests, Religious, and Lay of any Faith.

The Dates: 16th to 20th September 2019 (5 full days). Arrival: 15th of September by supper (8.00pm).

Total Fees: Indian Rs. 3,000/- (includes board, lodging, course fee.).

You are welcome!

Maximum number of Participants: 15

Age Limit: 25 – 60

You are welcome to contact the coordinator through mobile or preferably through email.  

Contact: Personal Email IDs of the Programme Director: 

Personal Mobile & WhatsApp  Number: 9133255690, 

Fr. M. Kulandai Raj, SJ

Programme Director.

Satyodayam, 12-5-33. Vijaypuri Colony,

(Near Tarnaka Centre)

Secunderabad 500017, TS

Our website:

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