In Childhood, all religions lead us to God through the Sacred Scriptures, Belief systems and Spiritual Practices. This stage goes on for some years even up to middle life. A time comes when the beliefs we held so strongly become meaningless leaving us in a vacuum. The Traditional Practices with which we had been nourishing ourselves spiritually fall off even without our awareness. We feel confused, helpless and sometimes feel guilty, fearful, empty and even depressed…..  . We are badly misunderstood even by our close and dear ones at this stage. We are not able to go back to our traditional beliefs or practices. If we do go back, they become a dead weight in our Spiritual Journey. We reach a critical moment – a moment when we need to move beyond (not against) religion and its teachings. The path will be a lonely one as no one can travel along with us. This is a time of personal search which needs a lot of inner courage.

All religions and their teachings including the Sacred Scriptures are pointers to God. They cannot limit and contain God. God is beyond!  No wonder, the inner spirit in all of us longs and needs to go beyond!

This Course is meant for those who are going through the above inner movements. It is meant for those who are in search. This Course will not show the path but will facilitate the path each one is moving in. The participants will be facilitated to share their spiritual journey in a confidential setting. The personal journey shared will be a great source of encouragement for all in our own journey.

You are most Welcome!

The dates: 27th – 30th of December 2019 (Arrival on 26th): 4 full days.

Venue: Satyodayam, Jesuit Retreat Centre, Tarnaka, Secunderabad 17.

Maximum Number of Participants: 30

Admission Policy: First come first served. Please apply by email by filling up the application form in the attachment and sending it in attachment.  You are welcome to contact the coordinator through mobile or preferably through email.

Total Fees (boarding + lodging + course fee):  Indian Rs. 2,400/-

Contact: Personal Email IDs of the Programme Director: mkrajsjap@gmail.com 

Personal Mobile & WhatsApp Number: 9133255690,    

Fr. M. Kulandai Raj, SJ

Programme Director.

Satyodayam, 12-5-33. Vijaypuri Colony,

(Near Tarnaka Centre)

Secunderabad 500017, TS

Our website: http://andhrajesuitprovince.org

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