LPS was given Best School Award and Best Principal Award, Congratulations to LPS team. 

(The Second Jesuit Educational Institution in AP)

“Vision without Action is merely a dream
Action without Vision just passes the time
Vision with Action can change the World”


Beginning of the beginning!
Right Rev. Dr. Ignatius Mummadi, Bishop of Guntur, was most instrumental in getting back the Jesuits to Andhra after three centuries and establishing Andhra Loyola College in Vijayawada. He wanted to have another institution in Guntur, the seat of his diocese. His ardent desire was to have a School for boys run by the Jesuit Fathers to cater to the needs of the town and the diocese. A good and well established English Medium School had been a long felt need in this area. But it was not easy to get the Fathers to start another Institution as the demands on them were many, and their personnel few. But with his inimitable patience and perseverance, constant pleading and continuous pursuance, he succeeded in getting the approval of Rev. Fr. Janssens Jean Baptist, XXVII, General of the Society of Jesus in Rome to start a School, and he entrusted the Project to the Fathers of Madurai Jesuit Province to which belong the colleges in the South like Loyola College in Madras, St. Joseph’s College in Trichy and St. Xavier’s in Palayamkottai, Tirunalveli and Andhra Loyola College in Vijayawada. He busied himself in 1962 looking for a site and after examining several, with the help of his secretary Rev. Fr. Arulaiah and Rev. Fr. T. Balaiah SJ of Andhra Loyola College, finally decided upon the present one. Rev. Fr. Papaiah was given the responsibility of construction who played a vital role, meeting several officials, his relatives and companies to raise funds for its completion. The foundation stone was laid on 30th January, 1964 by Sri. Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. To raise funds, the founder invited the late Smt. M. S. Subbulakshmi to give musical concert in Sept’ 1968, and she magnanimously donated her cheque to complete the construction.


Accepting Jesus Christ as our Teacher and Model and being rooted in the charisma of the Society of Jesus, Loyola Public School, Guntur has opted for educational apostolate and aim at integral growth of students. We form them to be men and women for others, to become persons of conscience, competence, compassion and commitment to build a just and humane society. The vision statement is refocused on the following aspects: Every Loyolite must become Emotionally Mature, Intellectually Vibrant and Spiritually Awakened.


Our mission is to form young men and women for others who distinguish themselves by their Academic Excellence, Sound Character, Spirit of Selfless Service and Leadership Qualities. The dedicated Staff, Nonteaching staff and co-workers play a vital role in the formation of the students in accordance with the visionary spirit of the Management thereby strengthening the original vision of the founder St Ignatius of Loyola.


The aim of the school is to train its students in the finest tradition of Jesuit education. Jesuit education acknowledges God as the Author of all reality, all truth and knowledge. The School aims to impart a sound intellectual formation which includes a growing ability to reason reflectively, logically and critically. It aims at the development of the whole person in which process the criterion of excellence applied to all areas of school life contributes to the total growth of each student as a responsible member of the school, community and of the larger society of the state and of our country. A complete educational objective of the School includes the training of our students to be men/ women for others, young men/women endowed with that special love for the poor and concern for justice that will enable them to become leaders in the service of our nation and of the world. In carrying out its aims, the school as a Minority Institution reserves for itself, its inherent right of management and administration, guaranteed under Article 30 (1) of the Constitution of India.


The motto of the School is “Natus Ad Majora” which means “BORN FOR GREATER THINGS”. The school, the students and the faculty constantly aim at achieving greater things for God, country and humankind by aiming at excellence in everything The Monogram represents the aims and aspirations of the School. The triangle which dominates the figure represents the omnipresence of the Triune God from whom everything proceeds and to whom we owe everything. The Peacock feather is symbolic of our country (the peacock being our national bird); the clay pot Purna Kumbam signifies purity and piety; the open book with the school motto inscribed on it is a constant reminder of the ideal which the school strives to inculcate in the young students. 

Fr. Joseph Sandanasamy SJ Acting Superior and the Correspondent of Loyola Public School.




Fr. Uvari Antony SJ is the Principal of the Loyola Public School.

Fr. Guvvala Naveen Kumar SJ is the Vice Principal and Hostel Warden


The need to reach out to the poor children of our workers in particular, prompted Br Susai Arul to start a small Telugu Medium school which he named Vijay Mary. With the admission of boys and girls from the nearby villages, a ‘pucca’ building was constructed at the entrance to the campus and re-named Loyola Telugu School.

Fr. Michael Xavier Raj SJ is the Principal of Loyola High School (TM).




Fr. Peter Daniel SJ is the Operational Director of VRO





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