Counselling Course for Counsellors

(A Certificate Course at Satyodayam – Jesuit Retreat Centre, Secunderabad)

The Emotional Quotient of our youth is quite weak to cope up with life events especially when they are unpleasant. Regularly we read in the newspapers about students attempting to commit or committing suicide for very flimsy reasons. Quite often the parents are incapable or unable to create an atmosphere where children can share their pains and struggles. For good number of our children, the home itself is the problem. They will be extremely lucky if they can find a friend or a confidant to share their problems.

The emotional problems affect the child’s studies, relationship, discipline, memory and the general behaviour causing unrest within self and with others.

A counsellor is a person who accompanies another in his/her joys and struggles. Each Institution needs people who have a heart for children and who are available to the emotional needs of the child. Along with the heart, some counselling skills will be a great help.

This course will equip the counsellor. There will be theoretical inputs with practice at every stage to make the skills become the second nature of the counsellor. The skills and the methodology is planned in such a way that the participant becomes a facilitator to make the counselee enter into one self, open up and begin to tap and draw the inner strength one possess to cope up with life’s problems.

The course is open to all who wish to be a counsellor – special preference will be given to Student Counsellors. The course will also include the different types of issues the students face. The course is residential and intense. It is open to laypeople of any Faith, religious and priests.

Satyodayam (Jesuit Retreat Centre) is conducting this course with the collaboration of the Psychology Department of LOYOLA ACADEMY (Autonomous PG and Degree College), Alwal, Secunderabad. A Certificate will be issued from LOYOLA ACADEMY at the end of the course.

You are welcome! You are welcome to send your student counsellors/ teachers/members of your Diocese/Congregation whom you think can help out students, parents, parishners etc as Counsellors! The Formators will find this course immensely helpful in their ministry.

Venue: Satyodayam (Jesuit Retreat Centre), 12-5-33, South Lallaguda, Secunderabad 500 017.

Dates: 22nd of May – June 3rd, 2017 (13 full days). You are expected to arrive on 21st evening.

Fees: Rs. 8000/- (Registration fee Rs.1000 which is non-refundable and the fee for the course with boarding and lodging is Rs. 7000/-. Total fee: Rs. 8000/-)

Participants: Anyone, who is a counsellor or plan to be one, is eligible. A person who has done some psychological courses will benefit better but it is not a must. The Psychology students who have done their graduation and those who do their Masters will benefit immensely by this course. Age Limit is: 25 – 55 years

Admission policy: First come first served with the recommendation by the Institutional authority if you are working in a school or college or hospital. Yet the course is open to anyone who is interested in helping the youth, elders or others – in such a case you do not need a recommendation but some short write up about you will be needed. Admission will be confirmed only after the payment of the Registration fee.