Some years ago Vinukonda was a substation of Kondramutla parish. In 1965, it became a separate mission entrusted to the Jesuits. The Vinukonda Mission, sponsored by the Madurai Province of the Society of Jesus, began its juridical existence on February 11, 1965, the feast of Our lady of I.ourdes, who became the patron of this new mission. The focus was shifted from Kondramutla to Vinukonda since the Missionary stayed in Vinukonda itself. Rev. Fr. S. Vedarethinam, SJ, an able man, who was working in the mission from 1969 November onwards along with late Fr. T. Balaiah, shouldered the burden as the first parish priest. Simultaneously Rev. Fr. J.A. Dharmaraju was appointed by the Diocese as the Parish Priest of Kondramutla. Soon Rev. Fr. Lourdusamy, SJ, succeeded him. Hence Vinukonda parish comprises the whole of Vinukonda Taluk with its 80 major villages and 130 hamlets. Fr. John Joseph SJ served as parish Priest from May 1977 to May 1979. He maintained the parish and concentrated mainly on the spiritual side of the Catholics. The Catholic community was deepened in faith through camps etc. Again Fr. S.Vedarethinam succeeded him till April 1982. From April 15, 1982, Fr. Antony Santiago, SJ, took charge of the parish and worked for six years for deepening the faith. He completed the Parish Church in 1984 and thereafter moved into the new campus, namely, Jeevalayam, the present structure, which is opposite to the bus stand. Rev. Fr. T. Balasamy, SJ, took over as parish priest in June 1988 and started Loyola Elementary School and Lourdes Home for the Primary Education of our Catholics in thatched sheds. In his third year, these were reduced to ashes. Balasamv built the permanent building for school and boarding home. A shopping complex was added in the campus for maintaining Lourdes Home. He worked relentlessly for the development of the parish, constructed a chapel at Kancharla, a school building at Sivapuram. and new1y started four evening schools for dropouts and buffalo grazing children. He has established two new Catholic communities at Bharathapuram, Narsanayanipalem and started instruction at two other new villages, i.e. Reddypalem and KothaPalem.

In June 1993, Fr. S. Antony, SJ, Superior of Vinukonda Mission, took over the parish for a year. Young and energetic Fr. Alex SJ ably assisted him. On 26th May 1994, Fr. Vatti Joji with the assistance Fr. S. Raju SJ took charge of the parish. In June 1995, Fr. E. Selvaraj, SJ took over as a parish priest and strengthened the faith of the people through his charismatic prayer. A new life was poured in the spiritual life of the faithful. He was a parish priest of three years. In July 1999, Fr. I.F.S. Jayaraj, SJ, got his first appointment as parish priest of Vinukonda. Then, Fr. M. Selvaraj took over the parish in 2002 to revamp the parish in faith and spiritual activities with the help of Jesuit Novices. To strengthen the faithful of the parish and to quench their thirst for the Word of God, Atmadarshini was started on August 6, 2003 under the directorship of Fr. E. Selvaraj along with two more Jesuits, namely Fr. Arul Joe and Bro. John. Due to some reasons it was closed a few years ago. Mostly the Catholics are from Dalit communities. They have to be strengthened in their faith as well as sociologically and economically. Drought and famine are common recurrences here. Most of the Catholics migrate to Krishna and Godavari districts for 3 to 5 months a year for want of work. Many people show eagerness to embrace the faith. Today Vinukonda parish is paving the way to lead people to build up real human communities that is based on the values of the Kingdom of God, namely Freedom, Justice and Fellowship.

Fr. Madimi Antony Prasad is the superior and parish priest of the Vinukonda Mission and He is also the Correspondent of the School. There is a Loyola English medium school up to 7th standard in the parish campus.





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