First Heavenly Birthday of Fr. Mark Kulandairaj SJ

The first death anniversary Mass for the soul of Fr. Mark Kulandai Raj SJ was celebrated on 3rd July in Loyola Academy. About 30 family members of Fr. Kulandai and 20 priests and religious from various parts of Telangana, Andhra and Tamilnadu came to attend the memorial Mass. The Holy Eucharist was celebrated by Fr. Philomin Raj SJ. Fr. Amal Raj SJ and Fr. Amar Rao SJ were the concelebrants. Fr. Sahayaraj SJ, in his homily, recalled the wonderful qualities of Fr. Kulandai and enumerated the great services rendered by him as a formator, spiritual director and counsellor. Some of the family members of Fr. Kulandai shared how his life has touched their lives. They thanked the Loyola Academy community for all the arrangements made for the event. May the soul of Fr. Kulandai Raj enjoy eternal bliss and happiness.

Fr. Stansami Day

On July 5th Andhra Jesuit province social action team celebrated Stan Swami Memorial Day along with LITDS-Katukapally. Throughout the day we had many activities to mark the remarkable contributions that Fr. Stan Swami made in the fields of social action and human rights. There were nearly 200 people form 16 villages actively participated in peace rally that went around Katukapally village.

Fr. Kunduru Joji SJ - Divyavani Talks

Fr. Kunduru Joji SJ, a renowned Bible Scholar, Spiritual Teacher, Retreat guide and a linguist. He authored 16 books, 100 and more articles on Biblical, Spiritual and secular themes. He is going to deliver 52 episodes on Bible and faith in the Catholic Telugu TV Channel called Divyavani TV, Ramanthapur, Hyderabad. 

Gudlavalleru Feast Day Celebrations - June 04, 2023

On 4th June, 2023, the Parish Feast of Gudlavalleru was celebrated solemnly, in a very spirit-filled ambience due to the august presence of Rt Rev Dr Thelagathoti Joseph Rajarao, the Bishop of Vijayawada diocese. He presided over the Holy Eucharist, preached homily elucidating to the faithful the mystery of Trinity and administered the sacraments of Confirmation to 48 children and 2 adults and Holy Communion to 56 children and 2 adults. With the reception of these two sacraments, God's army of witnesses has increased significantly. The recipients wearing the white clothes was a spectacle to behold as they resembled the holy angels with their innocent faces and beaming smiles in their white dresses. There were some 20 priests and 9 sisters from the neighbouring parts of the parish. 10 of these priests were our Jesuits, adding strength to the local Jesuits. More than 1000 people were present for the Holy Eucharist. To prepare the recipients for these two significant sacraments, a camp was conducted at the Parish for 3 days from 31st May to 2nd June. Sr Lilly and Sr Aruna from the Congregation of Adoration prepared the
children rigorously for these sacraments. Some 85 children turned up for the camp out of which 50 received confirmation and 58 received communion. We express our sincere gratitude to these two sisters who took painstaking efforts in preparing the children for the sacraments and to their Provincial Sister who magnanimously sent them to help the parish. We express our special and sincere gratitude to Rt Rev Dr Thelagathotic Joseph Rajarao, the Bishop of Vijayawada diocese for his kind acceptance of our invitation, for presiding over the Holy Eucharist and for administering the sacraments to our children in a spirit of love and joy. Rev Fr Mathew Neerakkel, the parish priest, left no stone unturned in making the whole event a grand success by his meticulous planning and unstinted and tireless efforts and with the timely assistance from the catechists and the parishioners. The Feast concluded with a sumptuous Agape Meal.
-- Fr Anil Pudota SJ