CITRA (Centre for Information, Training, Research and Action) a social centre of the Province was initiated 12 years ago. The province has also been supporting ‘Jagruthi’, an NGO run by Ex- Aicufers and its cultural troop has been very successful. Work among the Tribals involve educational activities including a school for 200 dropout girls, health programmes, training community health workers and organization of women groups. CITRA organizes animation and awareness programmes through training sessions for various sections of the poor, Human Rights Seminars and Leadership Training for the rural poor, NLP seminars for Dalits and Tribals to build up self image towards inner liberation, and training and animation of NGOs. Most of these training programmes are done in collaboration with ISI, Bangalore. We have involvement and networking with various groups and movements: Dalits movements, SC, ST and BC commission, NCDHR, Domestic Workers forum, Justice peace forum of religious… Etc. We are helping three NGOs in Rangareddy, Mahaboobnagar and Khammam Districts to have 20 evening schools for poor and dropout children.

Fr. Nagothu Vijaya Bhaskara Rao SJ is the Superior and Advocate in the High Court of Tenagana. 


Fr. Gnana Selvin Raj  SJ Director of CITRA